Shower Ideas
Looking at a tile ceiling
With a little bit of black, this
shower went from a 'track house'
appearance to echoing an early
1900's classic tile installation!

Set in San Francisco, that's just
what the owner wanted!
Even plain old brown tile can look
very nice with the right touch!
A lot of charm and style can be
put in a small space as this
shower shows.
This shower combines
Travertine Marble with Glass
Mosaic Tile.
Glass mosaics come in a large
variety and create their own
style of beauty!
Recessed features such as this shelf
are a nice touch to the usefulness of
the shower.
Borders on walls, floors or ceilings
tend to have a more dramatic
effect by increasing 'eye appeal'!

To keep showers looking like this, a coat of sealer should be applied to the
joints and rinse the soap scum off the walls with each use. With a removable
shower head, this is easy to do and reduces the frequency of cleaning too!
Corner seats are
good for sitting,
shampoo bottles
or a foot rest for
leg shaving!