Here are some photos to help you with developing your own ideas
Tile floors can be in any room!
The key is good selection
A fireplace does not need to be marble or other
stone to look great.
Carpet or hardwood can't
match the longevity of new
appearance like Ceramic
With proper sealing or
epoxy, grout lines don't
need to age in appearance
Most tile makers produce decorative
pieces that will give your tile job real
appeal. These can be pricey but you do
not need many for the desired effect!
This marble shower has several nice
features. The double diamond pattern
was dreamed up by the owner and
added over twenty hours of
installation time. Unfortunately, these
photos can not transmit the lush
feeling of the room.
Custom patterns can add character to your tile
work that can't be bought at the store.
This shower floor is a perfect example.

Patterns and color mixing can greatly enhance a room's look