About Us
How to contact us:
Ray Ausban - owner
Call 209-931-5413      Most of the time, you'll get an answering machine.
Just leave us a message and we will return your call, usually within a day.
Faxes can also be received at this number.

E-Mail: Admin@tilewonders.com
The pictures on this page are Tile Murals.
Most of these are over 40 years old and except for a little needed cleaning, they
look like the day they were installed. Colors have not faded and most have not
lost a single piece of tile outside of minor vandalism. A true testament to the
beauty and durability of ceramic tile.
The woman in this picture is 5 feet tall which gives a sense of how
large this tile job is. This mural is not ceramic tile but glass mosaic
tile. It is one of the largest glass tile jobs in North America and is
located in Huntsville, Alabama. The art form is Greek/Roman.
About us:
A & M Tile Company is a small family owned business ranging from one to
six employees at any given time. We understand that tile work can be
expensive so our goal with every job, is to make the tile installation one that
meets the standards of the highest quality. Whether your tile work is large or
small, it will get the necessary thought, consideration and discussion needed
before anything is installed.

A & M Tile Company has been a functioning business since 1988. Our family
experience reaches back many years before this (to 1947).
1969 to 1972
This mural was designed by a high school senior named Kerry Buckley. The work was
then converted to a tile layout and installed over a mortar bed. These murals (except the
Jesus figure) are cut and set in a grid pattern using standard American 1x1 tile. This art
form was new in 1960 and developed by the owner of Faucett Tile Company, Park
Ausban. Today, the big tile manufactures have design departments that specialize in this
type, as well as other styles.