Grab Bag Pics
On this page are a few more ideas turned into reality. We can
help you with basic tile design and we've listed a few designers if
you want a professional to help you with your construction project.
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Fireplaces can be large or small. The
one the left is charming. Lots of detail in
the tile design with borders and
diagonals and decos.

The fireplace on the right is Grand at
over 10 feet tall! The material is 12x12
The natural coloring of the stone was
laid out by the owner and we installed it
exactly like she wanted!
Slab Granite has gained huge popularity
for kitchen counter tops in the last ten
Granite is hard and smooth and has no
joints to get dirty. People like that aspect,
but frankly speaking large slabs of granite
are not pretty to look at. That is why many
designers and home owners are looking to
custom tile back splashes to increase the
beauty of the kitchen!
Tile counters are hardly out of vogue. What
is out of style is dealing with dirt stained
grout joints!
With a good sealer on the joints and decent
cleaning habits, tile counters can stay
looking this good for about 5 years before
resealing. Even granite counters need to be
resealed or water from counter use can
seep into the granite and cause the iron
(that's in the stone) to rust creating stains
that can not be removed!
There are three types of sinks that are used for tile. The one we recommend the most is the
"Flush Mount" sink. In the above kitchen pictures and and this bathroom counter on the left, you
can see the advantage to such a sink. The top of the sink is flush with the counter. There is no
place for water to get trapped and mold to grow as with a "Bottom Mount" sink! "Top Set" sinks
are cheapest, but the hardest to clean counters with.
Design is important, but so is
workmanship and talent!
With 1" size tile all types of
patterns and designs are
Here, the edge of the tub can
be seen, but it is not on top of
the tile! The 16x16 marble tile
was form cut to meet the tub!
Whether you tile job is inexpensive
or plush, something can be done
to make it attractive!
Precision cutting made these
steps possible!

Designer: Marlo Kerner
Designer: Designs By Lana
Designer: The Home Owner
Designer: Carolyn Bell  
Tile back splashes
are a focal point in
any custom kitchen!
This counter on the right has never been sealed. It is used daily. The
grout joints are clean and not stained. It is eight years old! The secret?
Epoxy grout!
Flush Mount Sink
Bottom Mount Sink
Top Set Sink
On this shower seat, three quarter-round
trim tiles meet at one point. Even the best
tile setters have trouble making this detail
look right!
Interlocking stone tile